BFA Freshmen

Black Flame Academy Freshmen Bios

Basic bios of the freshmen class this year at Black Flame Academy

Iroku Mitake

Age 15 | October 3rd | Dragon Hybrid

Iroku was held back a year, thus making him a freshman again. He would be in his sophomore year otherwise. He has a quick temper when his father is brought up. Many are unsure why he acts this way, but more understanding individuals chock it up to being angry about his father's death, and he's just unsure how to cope with it. Sutinku, a sophomore, is Iroku's closest friend, or at least gets less of his fury when he's upset. He doesn't like school as a whole and would much rather just not go, but his mother convinced him to go. He at least respects his mother's wishes and is now trying again. He wants to get through school on his own merit rather than relying on his father's legacy.